How to Start a Mom Blog From Scratch

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how to start a mom blog

Feeling ready and fired up to finally venture into this exciting world of blogging, mom?

I’m sure the amount of research you’ve already done gives you the confidence that “Hell yeah, bring it on!”

See, for millions of proud mothers from all over the world who are already into blogging, the thousands of dollars they rack in every month is a testament to how lucrative blogging is. Some admittedly had to quit their regular 9-5 to pursue this enjoyable career path professionally. And they aren’t regretting a bit!

How great is $2,000 extra per month for writing about your experience as a mother or your favorite hobby?

Even if you are a non-techie or you’ve never written before, don’t fret. Blogging pays well. However, you will make money from it so long as you put in the time and effort it requires. Success will not arrive overnight, but it will definitely come.

With that, let me welcome you to this exciting world where an even more exciting journey waits. I will guide you in each step of the way and break down every complex term until your blog is up and running.

With that, let’s dive right in!

Have you figured out your niche yet?

Well, you must have already figured out what you will be blogging about. If you haven’t, then don’t sulk. I know it is a challenge for many, but I’ll help you.

Your niche could be anything you are passionate about or that one thing that you enjoy doing or speaking about. It could be parenting, beauty, travel, kitchen hacks, career growth, inspirational stuff, or anything logical.

The niche you settle for will determine the ‘Title’ of your blog, its ‘Theme,’ and the target group. It will dictate the kind of businesses you will partner with as an affiliate. More importantly, it will decide the level of competition you will face.

The reason why you need a niche you are fond of is, with time, boredom will kick in. You will run out of ideas along the way. And at that point, the only thing to reignite the fire in you will be the satisfaction you get whenever you publish.

So, choose your niche with lots of consideration.

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Which blogging platform would you like to use mom?

A free blog will come in handy if you would like to blog for fun. However, if you host your WordPress blog and choose the right Domain name, it will suitably serve your needs. You will customize it according to your preference, install a host of premium plugins and enjoy massive support from WordPress, besides monetizing it.

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IMPORTANT: Choose the right website host

You can choose SiteGround to host your blog given their 99.99% uptime, 24/7 customer support, the fantastic ‘SuperCacher’ that every blogger is in love with. Its pricing plans are super-affordable as well.

As for the Domain name, make sure you choose something “short ‘n’ sweet” yet easy to remember. You might have to combine two or three terms to create one. Regardless of that, however, it’s often a good idea to have your niche somewhere in the domain name.

You know what?

It isn’t a coincidence that I’m recommending WordPress. Over a third of all websites across the world, including The New Yorker and Beyoncé’s website, are hosted by WordPress. It is user-friendly and quite straightforward to set up as well. So, I guess it’s great for non-techie mothers like you as well!

Congratulations, mom, your blog is now live!

With the blog hosted and WordPress installed, your blog is now active and ready, waiting for you to start publishing your ideas. But don’t be in a hurry yet!

Come up with a content calendar and figure out how you will be publishing. However, don’t stop learning.