25 Perfect High-Paying Side Hustles for Parents in 2019

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25 Perfect High-Paying Side Hustles for Parents in 2019

Nothing possibly beats the excitement that comes with being a parent, especially when your little ones are all over you. The pride that swells inside of you whenever they are around you is indescribable!

Away from the proud feeling of parenthood, it is universally true that it is expensive to raise a family today. Student loans on the one hand and bills and debts on the other, all gobbling up your income, there’s no doubt you aren’t living the kind of lifestyle you had wished.

But, ever thought about engaging in a side hustle to boost your income?

There are lots of side hustles; some even need absolutely no particular skill or starting capital. You will make a lot in extra incomes, pay off your loans, or even afford good lifestyles for your kids.

Consider starting with one among the following:


Start a blog, monetize it, and be ready to smile to the bank. Provided that you publish regularly and traffic grows, the money will start flowing.

Be a YouTuber

Vlogging pays well, especially if you choose an exciting niche like food blogging, gaming, or How-to tutorials. You only need to upload a video a week, and you are good to go!

Teach English online

In the evening after work, or over the weekend, lots of students will be waiting for you online. For as little as $25 an hour, VIPKID or several other tutor platforms will be ready to pay for your prowess in English!

Be an Uber or Lyft driver

It is one of the easiest ways of making a decent pay on the side and at your convenience today.

Sell on Fiverr

Many people now earn six-figure-plus revenues annually, thanks to Fiverr’s Gig Economy. You too could be one of them!

Be a caterer

Don’t sit on your legendary cooking skills when someone could be looking for you. Weekend dinner parties and get-togethers can earn you a lot on the side.

Sell on eBay or Craigslist

It is one of the most lucrative side hustles, especially for those who target high-profit, fast-moving stuff. You are paid in commission.

Deliver for PostMates

If Uber isn’t great for you, PostMates definitely will welcome you with open arms. If you live in a high-traffic area, try them!

Tutor student online

Kids are all over the internet, looking for an academic tutor to assist complete their assignments. Just find the right site to work at and prove yourself to get accepted.

Start an Etsy shop

If you are good at making handicrafts and crochets or painting artworks, Etsy is looking for you.

Be a dog walker

This is for you if you love pets or need a perfect partner to jog with.


At SitterCity.com, babysitting pays as little as $12.5 an hour.

Be a VA

Lots of people today need someone to be there and respond to emails, do follow-ups, set up interviews, and handle lots of simple tasks. The pay is attractive!

Be a professional content writer on Upwork

Can you write killer web copy, blog posts, and press releases in the evening after work? Your services are in high demand on Upwork.com.

Be a flea market flipper

All you need is to visit as many thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets, negotiate for a great deal and sell the same online for a handsome profit.

Transcribe for a pay

Professional writers, podcasters, and bloggers today are constantly looking for someone to listen to audio and video recordings and write down the same as text. And they pay quite well.

Be a Facebook Ad manager

Many brands hire professional Ad managers to manage their advertising campaigns online in exchange for a tantalizing pay.

Rent your extra room on Airbnb

You can even rent the entire house for a couple of days while you are away.

Answer questions on JustAnswer.com

This is the best way of turning your high-level experience into money, especially on such disciplines like law, medicine, IT, and coding.

Write an eBook

KDP and CreateSpace, both by Amazon, can earn you a lot in passive incomes. It demands no production or publishing costs.

Be a mystery shopper

You will be paid to shop at a particular store and document your experience.

Hunt for a side job on TaskRabbit

Whatever your expertise is, someone could be looking for you right now. Check out TaskRabbit and start making extra income.

Be a pet groomer

Pet owners often want their furry friends cleaned and pampered. All you need is a mobile van, a few cleaning instruments and a proper understanding of your locality.

Be an Affiliate Marketer

If blogging is in your DNA, but Adsense isn’t paying quite as much as you would like, sign up as an affiliate marketer and promote products online for pay.

Be a DJ

You can be spinmaster at your local nightclub and go home with a decent amount every night.

A side job can inject that much-needed financial boost on your incomes.  Besides, you’ve got no reason to keep depending on a single stream when you can engage in several of these hustles on the side and start making money.

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