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How to Start a Mom Blog From Scratch

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how to start a mom blog

Feeling ready and fired up to finally venture into this exciting world of blogging, mom?

I’m sure the amount of research you’ve already done gives you the confidence that “Hell yeah, bring it on!”

See, for millions of proud mothers from all over the world who are already into blogging, the thousands of dollars they rack in every month is a testament to how lucrative blogging is. Some admittedly had to quit their regular 9-5 to pursue this enjoyable career path professionally. And they aren’t regretting a bit!

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How To Save Money To Start A Business

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How to save money to start a business

Nothing beats the joy of starting your business venture and seeing it off the ground. It is arguably the best feeling in the world!

In most cases, though people’s dreams of starting their own business get hindered by insufficient cash. Saving is one way of raising funds for your startup. And this makes it imperative that you know how much you need, set a target and a time frame, then go.

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10 Ways To Tell Your Current Career Is Not Right For You

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10 Ways To Tell Your Current Career Is Not Right For You

One of the major causes of work-related suicide and depression today is because so many people are in the wrong career. As the famous Chinese sage, Confucius once said: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

However, in present-day our societies, the need to earn an income often surpass the need to be in a fulfilling job. And that’s exactly how millions find themselves caught up in the middle of a career they loathe.

But wait. How can one tell they are in the wrong career?

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7 Tips For Managing Your Money As A Parent

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managing your money as a parent

The joy of raising children is in itself, priceless. However, the cost of raising kids is anything but low. Many parents to be are often stressed on whether they can make it work with the amount of money they make. The need to provide children with a safe, comfortable, and happy home may drain the parents’ wallet to the maximum. The following are tips on how parents can manage their money.

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